Bruce GM Middleton VIP Truck Event

March 27 2019, Devyn Mckillop

Bruce GM Middleton VIP Truck Event

Thank you to everyone who came out to our event and test drove our new 2019 Chevy & GMC Trucks! We hope you had as much fun as we did!

Here are some of the comments we got on the new style vehicles! 

Loved the power. Liked the feeling of the new truck. How about that tailgate? - Jamey Nickerson

Love the all new Sierra. The oversized grill does everything for the looks! - Mark Foster

Excellent truck. Good riding. Best diesel. - Brian Saltzman

Nice quiet interior. Great ride. Lots of power. Seamless transmission shifting in constant power band. - John Clarke 

Clean lines. Less road noise. Driver’s side area tight. - Darcy Hoffert

After owning 14 trucks, best driving truck ever. - Ron Delorey

More Comments Here:

Awesome Truck. Wish I Would Have Had That for a Choice When I Got Mine. - Jerry Hirtle

Nice, Comfortable Trucks. Looks Great. - Bobby-Jo

Love The New Blazer! - Sheri Wood

Like The New Trucks, Great Decision! - Stacy Wood

Quiet and smooth. Very Comfortable! - Hal Baker

Totally love it! - Norman McPhee


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