A Focus on Customer Satisfaction

A Focus on Customer Satisfaction

Ross & the team are very friendly, with a focus on customer satisfaction. Great job! 

Other customers satisfied

Great job!

Great job!

Fantastic Customer Service

Fantastic customer service. I was very pleased with the knowledge and service Mike gave us in helping me purchase my first vehicle. I'm so excited! 


Rob has always been good to me. The entire staff is friendly and welcoming. Robbie and Jennifer worked with me to get me the vehicle I really wanted and kept me informed throughout the entire process.

This is my 2nd purchase here and when the time comes I will be back! I feel happy and secure with my purchase. 

Treated very well

This is the 4th vehicle we have purchased at Bruce Gm, the second vehicle from Robert Ruggles.

On both occasions, we were treated politely with courtesey and respect and treated very well.

We have recommended both the dealership and sales representative to both family and friends, several of whom bought vehicles from Mr. Ruggles!

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