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Bruce will bring your new vehicle to you - for free !

At Bruce Auto Group, we’re all about making your vehicle purchase simple, hassle-free and fun. And with the wide selection of brands, makes and models available at our four dealerships, you’re sure to find a vehicle that’s perfect for you.

Now, we’ve made the purchase process even easier. With free Maritime-wide delivery, you can get your new vehicle delivered direct to your doorstep by one of our employees. And the kicker? It’s absolutely free!

Consider it a ‘thank you’ from your friends at Bruce Auto Group. We take customer satisfaction seriously, and want to give you the best dealership experience each and every time you visit. For more information about our Maritime-wide delivery program, get in touch with your local Bruce dealership today.

Q. What is your Door-To-Door Maritime Wide Delivery Program?

A. Our Door-To-Door Delivery Program means you can complete the purchase of your new, mvi’d or Certified pre-owned vehicle online or over the phone while working with our commission free Product Ambassadors, Sales managers, and financial services team. Then simply have it delivered to your home or office within 36 hours.

Q. Can you really deliver anywhere in the Maritimes?

A. Yes, within reason. We can deliver to anywhere in Nova Scotia, PEI, New Brunswick and most parts or Newfoundland.

Q. What happens if I don't have a trade-in?

A.No problem at all! If you don't have a trade-in, we will send a second driver and a chase car from our fleet.

Q. Who qualifies for the Door-To-Door Delivery Program?

A. Almost everyone!

Q. Who will deliver my new vehicle?

A. The Bruce Auto Group has over 20 dedicated drivers trained to deliver your vehicle and assist you in completing the paperwork.

Q. What happens if there is an error with the paperwork?

A. The Bruce Auto Group will correct the error and send revised paperwork for you to sign.